Our Mission

OUR COOL BLUE ARCHITECTS feels a deep sense of stewardship and responsibility for our beautiful planet. Within the context of global warming, knowing that buildings are responsible for at least 30% of the World's Green House Gasses, Our Cool Blue Architects are 'dedicated to global cooling' of our beautiful blue planet, through the design and construction of sustainable architecture.
We have a responsibility to address these issues and propose solutions that respect the natural environment while also meeting the needs of our clients and our communities. Our practice explores among other things the need to balance the needs of the human and natural world, and understand and use the tools that we have to ensure the built environment is in step with the natural world. The need to learn to design Regenerative Buildings or Living Buildings is the vision that we are moving towards.

"Imagine buildings that are built to operate as elegantly and efficiently as a flower. Imagine a building that is informed by the eco-region's characteristics and:

that generates all of its own energy with renewable resources,
that captures and treats all of its water on site that uses resources efficiently,
and for maximum beauty"

(From the Living Building Challenge)

Let’s work together